Feedback from previous gatherings

Excellent and refreshing; It provided a good atmosphere for being “away” and was conducive to the learning.
Very comfortable and practical
Excellent, comfortable and good food
Excellent - bedrooms and meeting room.
Excellent – very adequate indeed! Things to do during time off and great food.
Very good – ideal and much appreciated
Good accommodation and meals etc

Helpful timing, however travelling from “up north” means more time. A gathering in the Highlands would be helpful and would encourage others to attend.
Works well
Good and manageable
Worked well
Adequate time and good timing at beginning of week
Great – allows for other work on the 2nd day
A later start on the Monday would be preferable

1] Isaiah

As a young preacher, the 2 x 7 sermon outline is immensely helpful. Picking “representative chapters” is different when you have less experience.
Very helpful and inspiring
Great resource for future series!
Brilliant – I guess, subconsciously, I have avoided systemic preaching in Isaiah (too overwhelming). Now it seems possible and approachable.
Extremely helpful not only for preaching but also being fed personally.
Stimulating and engaging
Very helpful and practical
Breathtaking, inaugural survey – would like to have heard Peter take a passage and preach on it.
Clear concise and very helpful. I will be incorporating a series on Isaiah in the next couple of years.
Extremely helpful - especially for a book like Isaiah, that I would feel less confident to know where to begin to preach. Wouldn’t mind similar for Revelation one day!
A lot of material – but useful to have as a resource and some excellent and helpful insights.
Very helpful, inspiring. I hope to use this material.
Enjoyed content, thanks

I feel this was not quite given enough time to be explained properly.
Good reminder.
Another great resource for the near future
Interesting, liked the “questioning the passage” approach and link between preaching and discipleship.
Love this text, more and more, every time I hear it. Need to introduce it to parish.
Challenging and engaging.
Good to work through a passage together
Good to know these excellent resources exist
HtW is a great resource we have used before. Especially like how it levels the playing field.
Very instructive to go through process of asking questions of the passage – especially in context of ‘levelling playing field’ with believers / unbelievers in talking together about what the Bible says.
Looks promising
Would like to have heard more about how HtW has been used.

It was good to pray with local guys and to speak about challenges to our thoughts, any pretensions.
A wonderful time to be still and brought into God’s presence.
Quite moving. We shared deeply and with instinctive trust.
Critical session
Valued the chance
Needed more time
Very encouraging; To hear negatives then to pray for them
Very helpful to share and pray together. Especially with folks who understand particular challenges that there can be in ministry.
Thank you.
Good – initially depressing, ultimately encouraging!
Valuable time and I appreciated the lead not to speak about the positives but to be honest about the difficulties of our ministries.
We had a good time of prayer in our groups.

4] After dinner speaker?

This was hugely encouraging and humbling.
First class choice.
A very interesting speaker. Good to hear from someone who has endured struggles.
This could have been shorter for an after dinner contribution.
Grounding and humbling – Thank you
Passionate and moving
Would be helpful to label as an “after dinner speaker”.
Principle and content very good and helps our mindset.
Living theology – excellent and inspirational
Good – a great reminder of how God’s ways are not our ways – and how He is faithful “But God.....
A refreshingly honest testimony to the sovereignty of God.
Good idea, relaxed environment, enjoyed ............ testimony.

While an hour is good once folks are used to the format, perhaps it would be helpful to give more time until people get used to it.
Still needing work to adhere to pattern
Always good
I think I spoke too long!
Good to bounce off sermons with others
Helpful and encouraging
Good – maybe worth thinking about if there is a way of making this about future sermons. Maybe do a HtW exercise in our small groups about the following weeks’ passage.
Helpful peer insight. Important to stick to schedule and be disciplined. Lots of potential for chasing rabbits.
Very encouraging – good to see how God is enabling others to preach the word. Helpful insights and experiences shared. Great to hear of the desire of others to preach the word.
A little stretched for time, but that was my fault!
A valuable time of sharing
10 minutes extra

Good ambition and necessary. However, it would be good to stay clear of other events - e.g. Crieff etc.
Twice yearly sounds about right.
Yes – seems about right
Annual / six monthly
Every six months would be helpful.
6-12 months
In some ways the more often the better, but it’s hard to commit time! Every 6 months/annually, if attending regular P.P’s.
6 monthly sounds about right. Having a speaker like Peter who is right on top of the subject is important.
I think that’s about right
6-9 months

I would heartily recommend more of these and a gathering in the Highlands.
I think the number present was about right. There was an intimacy that was appealing but it was broad enough not to be claustrophobic.
Yes, a modest turnover of people (introducing others) seems healthy.
Definitely complements other things. Thank you for the vision – other geographical areas I feel would work.
Involve others first, as there will inevitably be fluidity in who is available, then over a period of time, growing a base of 30-40 who are committed. Put this in place before other gatherings.
20-30 should be limit. Those on margins – women preachers
It is very good that there is a mix of denominations. The focus on biblical exposition will naturally exclude some non evangelicals! (I would not want this compromised of course).
Perhaps an additional event (afternoon or morning) to sensitively promote biblical preaching in a wider context than evangelical gathering (or gathering of evangelicals).
Yes, in theory – how / who in practice, could organise one, say, up north ....there is a MacDonald’s Hotel in Aviemore!
Maybe interest in N of Scotland too?

Any other advice / comments?

I would speak enthusiastically to encourage others to take part.
I appreciated the thought put into this great event. Thanks.
Not sure how you do it, but it does need to have new people coming in and out to keep things fresh.
Thank you for running with this vision very much appreciated and grateful for being part of it.
It would be good to have some accountability towards one another. It is encouraging to meet with others engaging in expository preaching.
Looking at our constituency - the East and South of Scotland are the unreached areas for Preacher’s Picnics.
Many, many thanks Nigel
Wonderful event – thank you so much to Nigel, Peter and to sponsors!
The use of audio visual equipment could have helped at times.
Much appreciated. Thank you for the invitation enjoyed it very much.