The Autumn gatherings will be held in Macdonald hotels

  • The Central belt – in Uphall EH52 6JS
  • The North – Aviemore PH22 1PN
Dates Venue Speaker Book Regions
Oct 23/24 Uphall DN Colossians Central West
Oct 30/31 Aviemore CPW Leviticus Inverness West
Nov 6/7 Uphall DN Colossians Central Glasgow
Nov 13/14 Aviemore CPW Leviticus Inverness
Nov 20/21 Uphall DN Colossians Central East
Nov 27/28 Aviemore CPW Leviticus Inverness East

Bookings will open, DV, on Monday 21st August

In the second half of 2017, Derek Newton will be teaching on Colossians in Uphall and Peter White on Leviticus in Aviemore. The ‘regions’ shown above are not ‘binding’. They are only a guide. The key thing is that the event is not one which people attend as individuals but rather a gathering of preachers who are (or could be) relatin g together in a local area. The idea is that most attendees would come from one area but with some (in twos or threes) from outside who could act as 'seed-corn’ for a future gathering in their area. If your area is not mentioned, please still get in touch.

(CPW – Peter White, DN – Derek Newton)