Vision for Preachers'Gathering

“To give Jesus glory by encouraging local preachers, whatever their church allegiance, to sit under the Word of God, and to love and support one another in their call to share the Word with others."

  1. The Church is becoming more fragmented.
  2. Church members turn inwards to service an organisation that is increasingly from the society in which it lives.
  3. Church leaders are exhausted by the demands of the church.
  4. The Word of God is neglected and rare as the lost die around us ignorant of the Saviour.

Any preacher, of any denomination willing to:

  1. Sit under the authority of the Word of God
  2. Love one another.


  1. To refresh leaders in body, mind and spirit as non paying guests for a night away in a good Hotel
  2. To build relationships between 15 church leaders in a local area, irrespective of their church allegiances.
  3. To encourage prayer for each other in adversity
  4. To sharpen skills in sharing the Word of God
  5. To provide teaching on a Bible book that equips preachers to begin a series at 2 weeks notice
  6. To give a glimpse of God’s wider work in His church in the world
  1. Residence  A night in a good hotel – something most ministers are not used to (excepting Crieff, when it is available)
  2. Number    c 15 – Intimate (not impersonal as many find conferences)
  3. Program   Preparatory – A biblical series is introduced such that preachers could start it in 2 weeks' time.
             Practical – a sharpening in the task of preaching.
             Inspiring – something that would raise eyes to what God is doing beyond immediate horizons.
             Supportive – encouraging prayer amidst struggles.
  4. Timing      Starting on Monday (most preachers day off) and finishing late on Tues morning (home by lunchtime)
            Nb Time given = a morning
            Time received = front loading months of preaching
  5. Cost       NOTHING. (music to the Scottish ear!). It is a GIFT


Church leaders are given time together in a relaxing environment, free from church politics. They have the opportunity to enjoy honest fellowship with one another and to support each other in prayer. Relationships are developed which will have an ongoing effect in the local environment with regular meeting – eg ‘Preachers’ picnics’. (see resources) Good practice in their preaching is encouraged through preaching workshops. They are given ‘breathing space’ in their ministry as the outline of a series in a book of the Bible is put in their hands with the aim that they would be prepared to start preaching with two weeks' notice.